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SKU: 5999RAM
1 Pound
  • One of our select offerings, sourced through the Ramirez Estate®.


    ​Honey-processed beans produce a very distinctive taste between a natural and a washed processing method. We think it is the best of both "worlds."


    Elevation: 1300 MASL
    Varietal: Red Caturra
    Grade: undisclosed, 17 and 18 screen
    Process: red honey (partial dry)
    Region: La Vega
    Certification: certified organic
    Roast level: medium-light.


    A complex coffee with flavors that fully emerge 2 - 4 weeks after roast date.

    V60: Mild, woody, with a faint fructose sweetness 
    Espresso: balanced, clean and sweet throughout shot volume range.

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