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Every drink in the cafe features one of our specialty import coffees, which we roast fresh weekly on our craft, American-made roaster.

It doesn't matter how you brew --

drip, espresso, latte, americano, pour over --

when coffee's good, it makes you happy and you reach for it again.

Our coffees are available for purchase in our cafe, whole bean or ground.

We also roast batches to order, as per request.

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Experience The Art Of Local Coffee® at Mojo's Java

Hospitality is the basis of our philosophy. Times may change, but the relationship between guest and host remains one of the oldest and most important aspects of a strong society.

Coffee isn't merely what goes into a cup. It is a complex and meaningful process in which an entire community shares, where sourcing, making and giving are enjoyed by all.

From our varieties of specially roasted beans to our precisely crafted beverages, we strive to provide our guests and clients with the best experience possible.


We are local coffee.

Coffee and Tea cups
Coffee cake slice
Our Offerings Include:
  • Superior Espresso

  • Signature Cold Brew

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  • Specialty Lattés

  • Swiss Water Decaf

  • Premium Organic Teas

  • Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee

  • Homemade Croissants

  • All Natural Syrups

  • 100% Compostable Cupware

Mojo's Java (grey logo)



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